About Us

Welcome to the online home of SmartThinker Solutions.

Primarily it’s the home of principal consultant and founder, Jacqueline Hampson, but with increasing requests for access to Jacqueline’s outstanding network of industry experts the brief has been widened to also include the support offered by her wider team.

One of the smartest decisions we made was not to limit ourselves to one industry specialism. Instead we pride ourselves on being able to apply our knowledge and experience to a range of clients and business models, bringing a freshness to our work and keeping you ahead of competitors and industry peers.

We also appeal, and apply ourselves, to companies of all sizes.

For SMEs, we offer business coaching by helping you identify your key objectives and the business strategies that will be needed to achieve them. We can also help you get online and learn how to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities the Internet can bring your business.

For larger businesses, we offer brand planning and campaign management, design and production services for online and offline mediums.


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